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MarketDelta Cloud powered by CQG Data Technology is a first of its kind SaaS (software-as-a-service) trading solution for futures traders. MarketDelta Cloud offers a full trading and charting experience common in desktop software but with all the conveniences and access provided by a modern cloud based trading solution. Start trading in less than 60 seconds. THIS is the future of futures trading!

Trading futures is made conveniently easy. A primary advantage of using the MarketDelta Cloud is the ease of use and cost. It is FREE and it fits the modern lifestyle of a trader who wants access to their account anywhere, anytime using cutting edge trading, charting, and cloud technologies.

Desktop trading solutions are bloated with unused features and always have to be upgraded. The MarketDelta Cloud is refreshingly intuitive, lightning fast, and best of all easy to use and access. “Trade in” your old platform and upgrade to the future of trading. Server co-location is available for MarketDelta Cloud users.

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MarketDelta Monthly Fee

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Key Features & Benefits

Access – Being cloud based has its advantages. Simply log into the MarketDelta Cloud from your browser on any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Technology – Lightning fast, cutting edge cloud technology is what powers the MarketDelta Cloud, making it the first of its kind of futures trading platform to provide trading access this way. Server side order placement for speed and surety so traders don’t have to worry about orders getting to market quickly.

Simplicity & Easy to Use – Cloud applications are much simpler and easy to use by nature. There is nothing to install or download and they aren’t bloated with old features that traders will never use like desktop software. Traders simply login to get immediate access. Updates are automatic and traders never have to worry about backing things up.

HTML5 Charting – Elegant charting using modern HTML5 technology is refreshingly easy to use and snappy on screen. Many chart types including candlesticks, area, line, bar, colored bar, wave, and more. Works across devices and all customizations are automatically saved and backed up to cloud. Nothing is ever lost.

Technical Indicators – 80+ Technical Indicators that is ever expanding includes volume profile, bollinger bands, stochastics and more. Modify and easily remove indicators with ease.

Cost – Save money on data by using MarketDelta Cloud. It is powered by the order routing systems data, so costs a very minimal and only apply for live accounts. There are NO platform subscription fees or “lifetime fees”.

Market Data – Access dozens of markets worldwide over an intelligent, global network with advanced connectivity to orders filled as fast as possible. Never be looking at stale prices and rest assured traders are using the best tools possible that can be accessed wherever and whenever needed.

Why trade with MarketDelta Cloud?

One of the primary reasons is because traders can do it anywhere. Traders no longer need to be tied onto computers at home or work. Just login and trade at a time and place convenient when convenient.

Simplicity is at the core of MarketDelta Cloud. MarketDelta studied the most common routines a trader does and made them as easy as possible to accomplish with MarketDelta Cloud. Simple and Effective.

  • Single click order entry
  • Single click cancels
  • Full Depth and NOT throttled
  • Static price ladder
  • Trade from Charts, DOM, Ticket
  • Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit Orders
  • Click open Position quantity to set as default

Trading is Front and Center

The TRADE button is positioned at the top center of the application. This way no matter what is open traders can quickly and easily take action on any market and place trades.

It is simple and intuitive and allows traders to build orders to exact specification.

The place order button at the bottom confirms the exact specifications for the order created using the intuitive interface.


The cloud allows MarketDelta Cloud to connect data and charting in a seamless way, making it simple and easy for traders to get setup and start trading without all the hassles of decisions around which data vendor to use or wasting time configuring everything. MarketDelta Cloud makes it easy for traders to start charting and trading!

All this is possible because of cutting edge cloud based technologies that provide the functionality traders are used to with old desktop solutions but with the ease and convenience of the cloud.

  • Beautiful Charts
  • Candlesticks, Bar, Area, Line, Point and Figure, Renko, and Others.
  • 80+ Indicators
  • Technical Indicators, Volume Profile, Custom Indicators, and More.
  • 50+ Drawing Tools
  • Write on chart, freehand, trend lines, Fibonacci, Gann, Elliot Wave, and More.
  • Data + Charts + Trading as a single service – Access Anytime. Anywhere


  • NO Setup/ “IT” Hassles
  • Login from any computer or device ad view charts. Up and running in 60 seconds.

Powerful Watch Lists

Everything within MarketDelta Cloud is designed around making it easy and convenient for traders to place trades, no matter what is on the screen. With watch lists, traders can quickly and easily monitor prices and when the time comes, please a trade right from the watch list. Any cell that has a background color is clickable and will bring up the trade ticket with the appropriate order type.

Tablet | Mobile

MarketDelta Cloud was build with freedom in mind, this means giving traders the ability to stay on top of the markets whenever traders want… not just when traders are in front of a trading workstation.

Life is too short to be strapped to the desk all day. Because MarketDelta Cloud is build “in the cloud”, traders are free to roam! This allows traders to check prices and even trade wherever desired from any supported device. MarketDelta Cloud brings traders the freedom to do things on their own terms.

  • Check on prices while out and about and if the opportunity arises, tap the screen and trade!
  • It couldn’t be simpler, and it allows traders to stay on top of their investments in a way traders never could before.
  • On the train, in the car, on the couch, or even on the golf course, you will always been connected. Who said traders can’t mix business with pleasure?

$0.49 Commissions
  • NO Volume Min.
  • NO Account Min.
  • NO Hidden Fees

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