Why Rithmic?


Rithmic Data Technology provides reliable exchange connectivity and fast order routing through industry leading front-end trading platforms. These high performance trading platforms give futures traders the necessary features and tools to execute their plan efficiently. Each trader has their own unique methodology and their front-end trading platform should fit their individual needs.

The world of electronic futures trading has evolved rapidly over the past decade and front-end trading platforms has improved significantly. Traders now have easy access to functionality like advanced trade management, trading from the chart, systems development and automated execution.

    • Direct Market Access
    • Unfiltered Tick Data
    • Ultra Low Latency
    • High Speed Execution
    • Robust Managed Infrastructure
    • 12 Advanced Trading Platforms
    • Real Time Tick Data

Rithmic Data and Order Routing Engine is co-located with the exchanges and core Internet carriers at one of the premier data centers in Chicago. This allows the network capacity to provide the maximum bandwidth, speed, and reliability needed by all types of traders and institutions. The Rithmic matching engine was built to support as much data as the exchanges can distribute and route orders in less than 100 milliseconds. Over 18 major Internet carriers are used to ensure network availability when individual Internet carriers fail.

Features now include new compression techniques and technologies used to distribute the data across IP networks specifically geared toward remote connectivity and an institutional grade order-routing engine shaving milliseconds off order entry and modification.