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AgenaTrader powered by Rithmic Data Technology is a detailed and feature-filled trading platform catered to futures traders from novice to the professionals. With features ranging from Chart Trading and Integrated Market Scanner, AgenaTrader aims to save valuable time for traders and provides all the necessary functionality for various trading styles and strategies. In additional to self-directed and fully automated trading, the semi-automated trading approach is also completely integrated. Server co-location is available for AgenaTrader users.

AgenaTrader Monthly Fee

  • Lite – $0 per month
  • Basic – $39 per month
  • Andromeda – $69 per month
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Advanced Charting

  • Utilize approx. 120 different indicators as well as self-coded signals
  • Use all of the drawing objects you could ever need for trading
  • Explore the advantages of various price representations (Renko, Kagi, P&F, equity volume etc.)
  • Integrate indicators from higher time frames
  • Trade using comfortable chart trading
  • Use the action bar to activate or deactivate standard indicators, instrument lists, time frame selections and favorite setups with a click of the mouse
  • Let the system show you chart formations, such as SHS, flags, triangles, etc.

Chart Groups

  • Compare up to four interconnected charts within different time frames at a glance
  • Connect a scanner with a list chart group
  • Open over 500 real-time charts simultaneously using tab chart groups
  • Save chart and chart group templates in order to access them later
  • Take advantage of AgenaTrader’s rapid chart loading time
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Market Scanner

  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time for your signals
  • Use indicators and self-coded signals or conditions for scanning
  • Program your signals using C# AgenaScript or using the Condition Escort just by clicking
  • AgenaTrader can search for your signals in different time frames
  • Combine entry signals and complete strategies with stops and targets with just a few clicks of the mouse in the Setup Escort
  • Activate strategies by clicking as soon as the corresponding signal appears in the scanner
  • Based on the motto: the system suggests, the market and user decide, AgenaTrader manages your trades


  • Record entire trading days tick by tick
  • Download the tick data for several trading days from your data provider
  • Practice and train using these data, without actually taking any risks
  • Use an integrated trade simulation account to become familiar with the markets
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Device Frame

Order Options

  • Chart trading: place orders in the chart by clicking
  • Simply use the default order pad
  • Place complete setups on the market using the Order Escort
  • Place orders with the keyboard or by clicking within the Level 3 Inside Market Box
  • Take advantage of the dynamic DOMs
  • Experience the new order types: scale orders, dynamic orders, & soft stop orders

Automated Trading

  • Take advantage of the integrated C# AgenaScript interface to program highly professional
  • Develop signals from existing indicators and self-programmed signal generators just by clicking
  • Import indicators and strategies from an external system

Trading Centers

  • Accounts
  • Positions
  • Trades
  • Orders
  • Executions