About Us

Emini Futures Broker is a division of Stage 5 Trading Corp. Emini Futures Broker is a premium futures trading brokerage firm catering to self-directed retail and professional traders around the globe. All traders will receive high quality market data through Rithmic Data Technology to execute their trades. Rithmic provides unfiltered tick data, ultra low latency order routing, and fast execution. Rithmic connects to 12 of the most advanced trading platforms currently in the industry. Every trader will receive our deep discount commissions starting at $0.49 regardless of trading volume or account size. High volume traders of 20,001+ monthly contracts can qualify for reduced commissions as low as $0.25.

Stage 5 Trading Corp. is a member of the National Futures Assocation (NFA) and is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Stage 5 Trading Corp. is an independent futures and options on futures brokerage which has access to a variety of trading platform solutions through several clearing firms. Your trading account will be held in a segregated account at the clearing firm that fits your needs.