Rithmic Advantage

Rithmic Data Technology is professionally managed and maintained, the system was built to incorporate the latest network and hardware technologies enhanced by revolutionary software and back-office processes.

Advantages of the Rithmic trading engine include:

  • Redundancy & Reliability co-located on the data center floor with the exchanges and over 18 major Internet providers on a fully redundant network managed by a leading IT service provider.
  • Always-On-Technology: no more ‘end of day’ processing down-time; the system is available whenever there is an exchange open for trading.
  • Global Network: connect to exchanges around the world on the same
reliable network.
  • Speed and Unfiltered Data: receive every market update at unprecedented speed.
  • Alternative Connectivity Options: connect using the Internet, directly to the data center or have your systems hosted on-site.
  • Advanced Risk Management and Order Entry Features: built in features that allow risk managers and order desks to quickly and efficiently manage accounts, liquidate positions and enter orders.
  • Excess Capacity: the system is constantly monitored and easily expandable to accommodate massive amounts of users and products.
  • Option Trading: access to trade all electronic options on futures.