$0.30 Micro Emini Commissions.

$0.49 Commissions

– No Volume Minimum
– No Account Minimum
– No Hidden Fees
– Trading

Trading Platforms

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– Advanced Platforms
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Day Trade Margins

– Index Futures: $500
– Currency Futures: $500
– Financial Futures: $500
– Micro Eminis: $100

Global Exchange Access

Day Trade Margins

Energy Futures
Metal Futures

Welcome to Emini Futures Broker

Professional Futures Brokerage Firm

We cater to the serious self-directed futures traders. We offer 12 advanced trading platforms powered by Rithmic‘s premium data technology.

Robust Exchange Connectivity

Rithmic provides robust exchange connectivity and fast order routing through industry leading front-end trading platforms

High Performance Trading Platforms

These high performance trading platforms give futures traders the necessary features to execute their plan efficiently. Rithmic puts your trades first.