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R | Trader powered by Rithmic Data Technology may be well suited for the trader who wants quick execution on the electronic markets. Traders have the ability to trade futures and options from a price ladder or an order ticket. R | Trader also offers option chains, pre-built strategies for futures and options plus streaming real-time quotes. R | Trader supports trailing stops, brackets, and OCO’s. Server co-location is available for R | Trader users.

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R | Trader Monthly Fee

  • Standard – $0

Data Technology Fee

  • Rithmic – $20/Month + $0.25/Contract

Benefits of R | Trader

  • Quote dissemination is quick and clean (and the quotes are non-throttled)
  • Orders are routed quickly to Globex
  • Flexible controls
  • Comprehensive display and ability to trade electronic options
  • Advanced order types are supported including Order Cancels Order and synthetic stops
  • No monthly platform fee
  • Windows (including price ladders) can be viewed outside the main application window for convenience
  • Supports pulse order entry
  • Trades route over Rithmic’s infrastructure
  • R | Trader user guide


$0.49 Commissions
  • NO Volume Min.
  • NO Account Min.
  • NO Hidden Fees

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