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Quick Screen Trading (QST) powered by Rithmic Data Technology offers revolutionary software applications for real-time streaming futures and options on futures quotes, highly reliable and accurate data, internet based mobility for anytime/anywhere access, professional, advanced tools, the best combination of sophistication, usability, performance and price. Server co-location is avilable for Quick Screen Trading users.

Quick Screen Trading Monthly Fee

  • Silver Plus – $49.95
  • Gold Plus – $199.95
  • Platinum Plus – $299.95
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Revolutionary Futures Trading Application

Comprehensive, fast and flexible order entry/order management with world-class charting and analytics, real-time quotes and news.

  • Left click = Buy, Right click = Sell, from any screen (charts, market depth, quote pages). The order entry function is intuitive and efficient. It is truly a “single action” operation.
  • The ability to enter and manage orders and fills from virtually any screen.
  • Infinitely configurable colors, layouts and font sizes, featuring “theme” functionality that allows the user to select a unified color scheme throughout the application.
  • Templates are available for multiple frame workspaces, trading workspaces, and chart-link workspaces.

Flexibility And Performance

Advanced Charts and extensive indicators provide the the ability to generate custom formulas, import of external data for ‘what if’ scenarios and ability to overlay of multiple contracts.

  • Context sensitive month selection. Contract selection system allows search by category, exchange, description and symbol.
  • Consistent price display, with correct decimal and minimum tick.
  • Real-time links to Excel spreadsheets for quick data mining and analysis.
  • Real-time P&L conveniently displayed on all screens.
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Extensive Features

Comprehensive weather package and multiple news services including Dow Jones and Reuters are available by subscription.

  • Dow Jones and Reuters are available by subscription.
  • “Mobile Desktop” allows users to log in from any location and retrieve their saved custom desktop configuration. Work from home or the office using the same screen layout.
  • Multiple tabbed work-spaces can be divided into one or more internal frames, and frames can be pulled into external windows.
  • Invalid order requests are halted and the user is notified before the order is ever submitted.
  • Integrated paper trading, allowing users to learn the interface and practice trading strategies.

Advanced Options Tools

Advanced option calculations and analytics allow for user-defined Greeks to simulate various trading scenarios and strategies.

  • Currency value of options on futures and futures contracts displayed.
  • Displays all strikes vertically, with both calls and puts arranged horizontally.
  • Options calculator based on all extensive formulas allows custom calculation of theoretical value, implied volatility, etc.
  • Displays all options in a single table you can see all the calls and puts for all months for any contract.
  • Monetary value of calls, puts and straddles and full support for options charting.
  • 5 options calculation models: Black-Scholes, Black ’76, Barone-Adesi Whaley, Binomial, Trinomial.
  • Displays futures contract as well as all strikes vertically, with both calls and puts arranged horizontally.
Device Frame
Device Frame

Advanced Spread Matrix

Ability to see ‘at-a-glance’ the complete contracts full calendar spread range, from front months to back months.

  • Monitor exchange traded calendar spreads or intercommodity & interexchange spread differentials.
  • Configured for easy order entry by clicking on bid/ask/last cells in the spread, or in the outrights.
  • Right-click on volume cell to display Spread Chart, Price Ladder, etc.
  • Outright and Spread cells display bid, ask, last, and total volume.
  • Fully customizable, and also easily scrollable to display back month spreads.