Dorman Trading

Dorman Trading is one of the oldest, family-operated Futures Commission Merchants (FCM) in the world. With decades of experience spanning three generations, Dorman Trading has provided the trading community with exceptional customer service and professional support.

Dorman Trading was founded by Bernard Dorman, a local grain trader since 1956 at the Chicago Board of Trade, and was built on the principle of personal service. Two generations of the Dorman family remain active in the daily operations and management of the firm.

The clearinghouse was initially established to service some of the most active “local” floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Under the leadership of President and CEO Dennis Dorman, the firm has since evolved into a global operation servicing clients online and around the world, clearing millions of trades each month. Despite thir expansion, Dorman Trading has always retained their goal of making every electronic trader at Dorman Trading feel like a “local” trader.

Dorman Trading was built by traders for traders. Experienced and knowledgeable support staff is essential for providing traders with the tools needed to succeed. In addition to providing over 50 years of experience in futures trading, Dorman Trading provide traders with the most current technology and trading capabilities. Dorman Trading offers a variety of trading platforms, for professional traders as well as new traders looking to diversify their portfolio. Looking forward, Dorman Trading plans to continue their global expansion while never losing sight of individual traders.

Dorman Trading is a clearing member of the CME Group, ICE, and EUREX.