Account Fees


  • $0.49 Commissions
  • $0 Inactivity Fees
  • $0 Monthly Fees
  • $0 Hidden Fees
  • $0 Maintenance Fees


  • Withdrawal: Wire Transfer
    Domestic Wire: $30
    International Wire: $40
  • Withdrawal: Check
    Standard Mail: $0
    Overnight: $50

Trade Desk:

  • Emergencies: $0
  • Phone Order: $25/contract + standard exchange fees & commissions
  • Margin Liquidation: $25/contract
  • Margin Call: $50/day

Please Note: Traders are required to pay for exchange market data for live trading. These fee are paid directly to the exchange for their services.

Rithmic: Exchange Data Fee

ExchangeMonthly Fee
CME Group Bundle (ALL Non-Professional)$15
CME (Non-Professional)$5
CME (Professional)$115
CBOT (Non-Professional)$5
NYMEX (Non-Professional)$5
NYMEX (Professional)$115
COMEX (Non-Professional)$5
COMEX (Professional)$115
ICE US$110
ICE UK$110
EUREX (Non-Professional)$20
EUREX (Professional)$70